to dig (w)holes, 2014

To Dig Wholes

When we first met, we discussed about our works. There was a sympathy from the beginning on. Franziska was mainly working in the field of painting while Carola curated shows and worked text based. We discussed about the main thing that distinguishes artistic labour from any other kind - the function of work. Art has not to be functional, no, even the other way around. Art is dysfunctional. We don't need it like food or water.


We decided to dig. We figged every day from 8am to 5pm with no intention to find anything. We read the new spirit of communism, we thought about project based societies and we figged. The mythos of Sisyphos, nihilism, Nietzsche, developments in the german labour market, rehabilitation centers for the resocialisation of long term unemployees in Germany became our focus while we were digging.


We discovered the Indian legend of Naranath Branthan, a happy version of the european Sisyphos. We were digging for hours and days at different places. It had a meditative effect and after a hard day of work we had some food together. 


Our work leaded us to the still ongoing project TO DIG WHOLES. It started after the first digging process, and we invite artists, curators and actors to write about their personal digging process. Different articles came together in 2014 with the participants: Jae Pas, Gisa Pantel, Andy Strauß, Marcus W.R. Heim, Elena Frieda Müller, Per Hüttner and Maarten van Roy.


© Franziska Klötzler