extended city dreams, 2016

pavilion of communication/Shanghai Expo 2010

In Shanghai we were struck by a lot of things. What was catching our attention and research spirits most, was the amazing amount of of ghost towns and abandoned buildings around the city. First we tried to get in contact with the strong chinese superstition, but all the places that were declared as being haunted because of mysterious stories didn't make this appearance for us.


Left overs of investments for single events, we discovered the area of the "EXPO 2010" to be a huge rotting building complex. We chose the "Pavillon of communication" for we liked the topic and the outward appearance. Next to the biggest museum for contemporary art in Shanghai, the power station, it is one of the buildings created in 2010 to establish hope for an international china. The stories around the creation of the expo in Shanghai are incredibly frightening.


We found some people in there, using the space as a squad. They were probably the ghosts we were looking for. With them we invented a story taking place in the building which was intended to be mystic. We made a short film, capturing not only our adventurous story, but also the decay of a building that still had the potential to be something useful. The funny thing about this Pavillon is, that it was made out of sustainable resources as well as advertising it as a big issue for the next levels of international communication.


© Franziska Klötzler