was founded in 2013 and questions artistic labor in general. In order to find a way to collaborate, Klötzler&Uehlken started digging. They found a variety on shared interests such as music, language, sound, abstracts, extracts and the potential of misunderstandings. Their work is highly intuitive, often performative, manifesting in installative works of sound and video.


CAROLA UEHLKEN, born 1986 in Germany, works as an artist, curator and writer and is currently based in Berlin.  Spying in the inner circles of groups that are responsible for economical and cultural growth, Carola Uehlken searches for possibilities to understand global relationships. After curatorial trips to Prishtina, Teheran and India she mainly focussed on the money-mythos China (since 2014) and its specific conditions between business and art. Her artistic practice in the medias film, installation, sound and new medias is strongly connected to her writing and her curatorial work. Transgressions in different languages serve as potentials to create subjective often humorisly coloured narrations. Closely related to these reflections on communication, she started working on detective strategies as a research practice.




© Franziska Klötzler